Case Study: Bilbeo


Client Overview

Bilbeo, a leader in Business Intelligence tools, collaborated with Pragmatix to revamp their platform, focusing on modernization and scalability to meet evolving client demands.

Project Scope

The project aimed to enhance Bilbeo's BI platform, making it more scalable and efficient. Pragmatix focused on modernizing the platform to ensure it could handle growing data volumes and provide clients with deeper, more meaningful business insights.

Our Solution

Pragmatix implemented a robust solution, leveraging cloud technologies and Elastic Search to enhance the platform's scalability and overall performance, meeting the evolving needs of Bilbeo's clients.

Key Features Implemented

  1. Data Source Connectors: Integrated connectors for diverse data sources, including Google Analytics, Intercom, SQL, and other data lakes. This ensured seamless data aggregation from multiple channels.
  2. Real-time and Historical Analytics: Provided detailed insights into both current and past data, offering clients a holistic view of their business performance over different timeframes.
  3. Advanced Analytical Capabilities: Leveraged machine learning for trend analysis, anomaly detection, and predictions, enhancing clients' ability to draw meaningful insights from their data.
  4. Proactive Alerts & Thresholds: Implemented alerts and thresholds for timely notifications, enabling clients to proactively respond to critical changes in business metrics.
  5. Intuitive Dashboard Creation: Enabled users to effortlessly create customized dashboards using a variety of widgets, enhancing the user experience in visualizing key performance indicators.


  1. Enhanced Data Accessibility: Streamlined access to data from various sources, including Google Analytics, Intercom, SQL, and data lakes, leveraging cloud tools for efficient data management and accessibility.
  2. Improved Analytical Capabilities: Real-time and historical analytics, coupled with machine learning insights, significantly enhanced Bilbeo's analytical capabilities with the power of cloud-based processing.
  3. Proactive Decision-Making: Implementation of alerts and thresholds empowered clients to proactively respond to changing business conditions, with cloud-based tools ensuring seamless and timely notifications.
  4. User-Friendly Dashboards: Intuitive dashboard creation using widgets enhanced the user experience.

  • Client:Bilbeo
  • Location:Israel
  • Type:Custom Software Development, Web Development, ML
  • Technologies:Node, Angular, AWS, Mongo DB, Elastic Search
  • Completed:2019

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