Case Study: Kaizana


Client Overview

Kaizana, an innovative project management solution, was conceived with a mission to seamlessly integrate Kaizen methodology into project workflows. Developed as an added layer on top of Asana, Kaizana aimed to provide teams with advanced tools for goal setting, progress tracking, and real-time alerts to enhance project efficiency.

Project Scope

The project aimed to build a cutting-edge project management tool that leveraged the principles of Kaizen methodology while integrating seamlessly with Asana. The goal was to enhance project collaboration, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Our Solution

Working in collaboration with Kaizana, our team developed a powerful project management overlay that enriched the Asana experience with Kaizen-inspired features.

Key Features

  1. Robust Dashboard Creation: Kaizana empowered users with a dynamic dashboard creation tool, offering various widget types to visualize project data comprehensively. Teams could tailor dashboards to their unique needs, fostering a holistic view of project progress.
  2. Goal Setting and Progress Tracking: The platform incorporated tools for setting clear goals and tracking progress, aligning teams with Kaizen principles. This feature ensured that teams had a structured approach to continuous improvement.
  3. Real-time Alerts: Kaizana implemented a proactive alert system, sending instant notifications when projects faced deviations from predefined benchmarks. This real-time alerting mechanism facilitated quick corrective actions, preventing potential setbacks.
  4. Asana Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Asana, Kaizana allowed teams to manage tasks and collaborate on projects within the familiar Asana interface. This integration ensured a unified workflow, eliminating the need for redundant data entry.


  1. Holistic Project Monitoring: The robust dashboard creation tool empowered teams to monitor projects holistically, utilizing various widget types for comprehensive data visualization.
  2. Aligned Goal Achievement: Kaizana's goal-setting and progress-tracking tools facilitated alignment with Kaizen principles, encouraging teams to work cohesively towards shared objectives.
  3. Proactive Issue Resolution: Real-time alerts played a pivotal role in proactively addressing issues, allowing teams to respond promptly to deviations and maintain project momentum.
  4. Unified Collaboration with Asana: The Asana integration streamlined collaboration, enabling teams to manage tasks seamlessly across both platforms. This integration provided a unified experience for teams accustomed to Asana's interface.

  • Client:Kaizana
  • Location:Spain
  • Type:Custom Software Development, Web Development
  • Technologies:Node, Angular, Mongo DB
  • Completed:2017

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