Case Study: Purr


Project Summary

Purr is an innovative platform that simplifies, secures, and adds transparency to the process of buying and selling used cars. The marketplace brings together buyers, sellers, and dealers in a mutually beneficial sales model. Purr consists of three distinct sub-apps: a consumer app for buyers and sellers, a dealer portal for managing the entire sales process, and an admin portal for Purr staff.

Project Scope

Pragmatix partnered with Purr to build the platform from the ground up. Our focus was on engineering excellence, ensuring the development of a robust and feature-rich solution. The project encompassed the creation of a consumer app, a dealer portal, and an admin portal, each tailored to meet the specific needs of users within the automotive ecosystem.

Our Solution

Pragmatix applied engineering expertise and best practices throughout the development journey, contributing to the success of Purr's platform. The three sub apps — consumer app, dealer portal, and admin portal—were designed to cater to the specific needs of each user group.

Consumer App

  • Browse and negotiate
  • Schedule appointments
  • Apply for financing
  • SEO and mobile-friendly

Dealer Portal

  • Streamlined appointment and vehicle management
  • Document management tools
  • Billing through stripe
  • Carfax integration
  • Staff and notification system
  • Inspection tools
  • VIN Code scanning and vehicle database integration

Admin Portal

  • Sales and feature management
  • Dealer onboarding
  • Comprehensive reports


  1. Streamlined Process: The platform streamlined the buying and selling process, providing a user-friendly interface for consumers and robust management tools for dealers.
  2. Increased Transparency: Purr enhanced transparency in the used car market, allowing buyers and sellers to negotiate prices with confidence.
  3. Efficient Dealer Operations: The dealer portal optimized operations, from appointment management to vehicle intake and document management, improving overall efficiency.
  4. Data-Driven Insights: Admin tools provided comprehensive insights, empowering Purr staff to make informed decisions and enhance platform features.

  • Client:Purr
  • Location:Alberta, Canada
  • Type:Custom Software Development, Web Development
  • Technologies:Node, Next.JS, React, AWS, SQL
  • Completed:Ongoing

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