Case Study: Rethink Loyalty

Rethink Loyalty

Client Overview

Rethink Loyalty is a company providing partner-funded loyalty programs that enhance customer engagement and reward systems for online and in-store retailers/restaurants. Their platform aims to aggregate offers from various sources, incorporate affiliate tracking and card-linked offers, allow for whitelabeling, and implement a customizable look and feel for each client. Additionally, the platform employs advanced personalization and recommendation engines utilizing machine learning.

Project Scope

The primary ongoing challenge faced was the need to accommodate diverse customization requirements from different clients while maintaining a single, unified code base. Each client sought unique whitelabeling and customization options for the loyalty program, demanding a flexible and scalable solution. The goal was to provide a seamless experience for end-users across a variety of brands, ensuring that the platform's capabilities were consistently effective for each client.

Our Solution

Our software engineering team tackled the challenge head-on by implementing a modular and extensible architecture. This design allowed for client-specific customization without compromising the integrity of the underlying code base. The platform was crafted to dynamically adapt to each client's unique branding and functional requirements.

Key Features Implemented

  1. Modular Customization: We devised a modular system that enables clients to customize and whitelabel their loyalty programs effortlessly. This approach ensures that each client has a tailored experience while operating within the same code base.
  2. Dynamic Look and Feel: Leveraging advanced theming capabilities, we provided clients with the ability to dynamically adjust the look and feel of their loyalty programs. This allowed for seamless integration with the client's brand identity while maintaining consistency across the platform.
  3. Machine Learning-Powered Personalization: To address the diverse needs of clients and their customers, we integrated machine learning algorithms for personalization and recommendation engines. This ensures that end-users receive targeted and relevant offers, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the loyalty program.


The implementation of our customized solution yielded significant positive outcomes for Rethink Loyalty:

  1. Increased Client Satisfaction: Clients now enjoy the freedom to tailor their loyalty programs to their exact specifications, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement.
  2. Scalability and Maintainability: The modular architecture not only met the current customization needs but also positioned the platform for future scalability. Ongoing support and the addition of new features are executed seamlessly, reducing development time and costs.
  3. Consistent User Experience: Despite diverse customization options, the end-users benefit from a consistent and user-friendly experience across different loyalty programs, promoting brand loyalty.
  4. Enhanced Data Aggregation: The platform effectively aggregates offers from multiple data sources, providing users with tailored and personalized offers.
As of today, our ongoing support and continuous feature development ensure that Rethink Loyalty remains at the forefront of delivering innovative and personalized loyalty programs for their clients, reinforcing their position as a leader in the industry.

  • Client:Rethink Loyalty
  • Location:Ontario, Canada
  • Type:Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile Development, Chrome Extension development, ML
  • Technologies:Node, React, AWS, SQL, Serverless Functions
  • Completed:Ongoing

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