Case Study: USendHome


Client Overview

USendHome started with a simple goal—to make global shopping more accessible for everyone. USendHome wanted to provide a straightforward solution for consumers around the world who wished to shop from U.S. stores and receive their purchases internationally. The journey began with a commitment to simplicity and inclusivity in cross-border shopping.

Project Scope

The project focused on creating a robust platform for freight forwarding, enabling consumers to shop from U.S. stores and receive their purchases internationally. Key features included shipping company integrations, internal package management tools, real-time notifications, and secure payment integration.

Our Solution

Collaborating closely with USendHome, our team developed a comprehensive freight forwarding solution that streamlined the entire process, from package arrival in the U.S. to international delivery.

Key Features Implemented

  1. Shipping Company Integrations: USendHome seamlessly integrated with leading shipping companies to provide a range of reliable shipping options. This integration ensured flexibility and choice for consumers, optimizing the shipping process.
  2. Internal Package Management Tools: The platform featured internal tools for efficient package management, enabling USendHome to track and manage shipments effectively. These tools ensured the smooth flow of packages through the forwarding process.
  3. Notifications Throughout the Lifecycle: USendHome implemented a robust notification system, providing consumers with real-time updates on their package's journey. Notifications included package arrival at the U.S. facility, shipping updates, and delivery confirmations, enhancing transparency.
  4. Payment Integration: Secure payment integration allowed consumers to seamlessly pay for shipping and associated costs directly through the platform. This feature simplified the payment process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.


  1. Global Shopping Accessibility: USendHome's freight forwarding services expanded global shopping accessibility, allowing consumers to shop from U.S. stores without the constraints of international shipping.
  2. Efficient Package Management: Internal package management tools streamlined operations, enabling USendHome to efficiently handle and process shipments, reducing processing times and potential errors.
  3. Enhanced Consumer Experience: Real-time notifications throughout the package lifecycle enhanced the consumer experience, providing transparency and peace of mind to shoppers awaiting their international deliveries.
  4. Secure and Seamless Payments: Integrated payment functionality simplified transactions for consumers, ensuring secure and seamless payment processes for shipping and associated charges.

  • Client:USendHome
  • Location:US
  • Type:Custom Software Development, Web Development
  • Technologies:PHP, Laravel, SQL
  • Completed:2018

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